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Vacuum Test Stand (V-1)
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Vacuum Test Stand (V-1)

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Model No: GTS-V-1
I. Feature and Performance Characteristics of Device

The test stand is fabricated for the vacuum measurement of the automotive water pipe, its performance characters is totally fulfilling the requirements of stand test. The pressure is measured by full automation, using pressure transducer with high precision, digital display instrument and time relay device. The outer diameter of the hose is measured by caliper, the device is applicable to the measurement of the type of automotive water pipes.


Meet GB5568 / IS06803 / GB1727 / GB16897-2010 brake hose structure, performance requirements and test methods, test standards.


II. Technical parameters

1. Hose testing pressure: 0~-100Kpa, Measuring accuracy: ≤±1%F.S;

2. Inner diameter of hose: 2~60mm, length:200~1200mm;

3. Simultaneously-tested pipeline number: 4;

4. Pressure holding time: 0~9999Min;

5.Test method: connect the hose with the vacuum test stand. Set the test pressure and pressure holding time to start the test. The system keeps internal pressure of the hose at the set value for pressure holding leakage test or outer diameter change text. When the pressure holding time is due, the system releases the pressure.

6. Control mode: instrument control or computer control.


III. Composition

The test stand is mainly composed of the following parts: pumped vacuum system, vacuum pressure tanks, electrical controlling systems, instrument acquisition system, time controlling systems, piping installation and test bench block.


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