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Impulse Test Stand (GI-1)
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Impulse Test Stand (GI-1)

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Model No: GTS GI-1
I . Summary

The impulse test stand performs an accelerated lifetime test/fatigue test/leak test/vibration test by generating environmental simulation.

II. Main Functions and Characteristics:

1. Principle of gas pulse test: Compressed air is stored in an air tank, and then high temperature air is supplied to the test stand through such devices as proportioner and heater.

2. The medium heating system is characterized by precise temperature control, high independency and efficiency, energy saving, and so on.

3. It uses special control and testing software developed by LABVIEW, so automatic control, automatic measuring and automatic protection can be achieved during the test and such indicators and parameters as pressure, temperature and pulse waveform can be displayed and recorded on a real-time basis. Thus, it is suitable for unattended operation.

4. The pressure drops quickly after failure of the test piece, so there is no continuous ejection of high pressure gas and thus personnel safety can be protected to the greatest extent. Meanwhile, it can stop automatically once any damage of the test piece, and the test box is provided with safety protection measures to prevent damage of test box caused by gas ejection after sudden failure of pipeline.

5. Pleasing design, simple in operation, easy installation.

III. Ranges of technical parameters:


Scope of application

Intercooler, turbo-charging hose, Nylon tube and testing pieces using compressed air as medium.

Applicable standards

QC/T 828,GMW15803,GMW16153 etc.

Range of pressure

0-20 Bar, allowing arbitrary selection.

Range of pulse frequency

0-2Hz, allowing arbitrary selection.

Setting range of number of tests

0-10,000,000 times

Range of ambient temperature

-50-200℃,allowing arbitrary selection; Control manner: “fixed value control” and “alternating control” of temperature, allowing selection.

Range of medium temperature

Room temperature-300℃, allowing arbitrary selection.

Range of testing mediums


Range of vibration modes

Electromagnetic vibration (including scanning and vertical vibration), mechanical vertical vibration, servo vibration.

Installation manner

Hose connection, straight line connection, adjustable fixture connection

Quantity of tested products

2-10 channels


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