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Internal corrosion test stand
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Internal corrosion test stand

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Model No: GTS WI-1
I. Basic Description of Test stand

The test stand is used in inner erosive test of aluminum and the aluminum water-cooled oil cooler tank which simulates engine coolant working condition, hereinafter referred to as “inner erosive test stand”; it will provide test evaluating condition for the sample (aluminum water tank and  Water-cooled oil cooler) according to ASTM D2570、QC/T468-2010、GMW14167 、GMW15737、SANHUA PHEX Technical Specification test rating conditions for conducting the required tests.


II. Basic Parameters of Inner Corrosion Test stand:

1.Sample box size :1500 (L) × 1000 (w) × 1000 (H);

2.Flow Quantity of the Corrosive 1-2000L/min  which can be adjusted arbitrarily;

3.Temperature of Corrosive Liquid (Room temperature until 125℃ which can be set arbitrarily, the precision is ± 2℃);

4.Heating Up Rate (1℃ ~ 2℃ / min);

5.Pressure Inside the Erosive Cavity: 0.05-0 .5 Mpa (it can be adjusted arbitrarily);

6.Number of Test Pieces: it can provide 1-4 sample for test simultaneously, the maximum volume: 50L;

7.Starting Time Record of the Device :accurate to the second, it can be set arbitrarily in 9999 hours;

8.The Record of Circuit Working Time for the Device :accurate to the second, it can be set arbitrarily in 9999 hours;

9.Stop Running Time of the Device: Accurate to the second, and it can be set arbitrarily in 9999 hours;

10.Mode of Control: Full-automation control of the computer or the touch screen.

III. Security (Alarm) System

1.The device will alarm and stop if the liquid inside the test box is much lower;

2.The device will alarm and stop if it is over-temperature;

3.The device will alarm and stop if the door of the test box is open;

4.The device will alarm when it leaks and automatic shutdown;

5.The device will alarm and automatic shutdown when the test is over.


IV. Other


1.With test after test before the test piece to install the exhaust device;

2.The liquid Tank is located under the test samples which ensure it is convenient to unload;

3.The device is totally closed and cabinet type structure which is convenient maintenance for the device and dismounting for the components;


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