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Air Leaking Testing Stand (AL-1)
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Air Leaking Testing Stand (AL-1)

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Model No: GTS-AL-1
I. Application

It is used for high pressure air-tightness testing of such products as small valves, pipelines, parts and components and underground tools, performance testing and calibration of safety valves, filling of high pressure gas cylinders, and the like. 

II. Characteristics

1. Modular design is used for the gas pressure increase system, the connection is safe and reliable, the equipment can be dismounted flexibly, the whole equipment has a closed frame structure, and panel control is used to provide convenience for observation and operation. The test stand is equipped with wheels for convenient handling.

2. With unique lubrication-free design, the compressed air related parts do not need lubrication, so it meets the requirements for explosion protection. 

3. Oil-free compression technology is used, so that the gas cannot be contaminated. 

4. No electrical device is used, and no electric spark can be generated.

5. Stepless regulation of output pressure.

6. The flow of driving air can be regulated to adjust the motion frequency of the pressurizer and thus to prolong the service life of the pressurizer. 

7. Self-cooling is used, and no cooler is required. 


III. Technical parameters

1. Testing pressure: 0~100MPa (Any pressure grade can be chosen according to actual needs). 

2. Medium: Compressed air, nitrogen gas. 

4. Quantity of test piece in single test: 1. 

5. Leakage detection method: Leakage detector, pressure drop method, air bubble method, differential pressure method. 

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