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Thermal Cycle Test Stand (TC-1)
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Thermal Cycle Test Stand (TC-1)

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Model No: GTS-TC-1
I. Functional overview:
Thermal cycle test stand is one of the necessary test equipment for quality inspection of heat exchange devices. The test object of the device includes: copper radiator, aluminum radiator, intermediate cooler, oil cooler, evaporator and condenser.
It not only meets the high and low temperature alternating thermal impact test but also performs high temperature corrosion cycle test and low temperature corrosion cycle test.
II. Main technical parameters
1. Temperature scope of high temperature fluid bath: 50~ 250℃;

2.Temperature scope of low temperature fluid bath: -50~ 50℃;

3.Temperature of environmental box: -40℃~ 150±2℃ (optional);

4 .Control scope of temperature impact: -50℃ ~250℃;

5.Impact frequency: 1~30 times/hour, set at will and determined according to the alternating


6.Flowrate of impact medium: 5~800L/min;

7.Impact medium: anti-freezing solution, oil and glycol;

8.Simultaneously-tested quantity: 1~4 pieces;

9.Test pressure: 0~5Bar, change with flowrate and internal resistance of sample (adjustable);

10.Test times: 1~99999 cycles (set at will).


III. Main function of the test stand

1.During the test process, the change waveform of thermal impact temperature difference, medium pressure, cycle times, elapsed cycle times, cycle times, high temperature time, low temperature, test state can be displayed dynamically (normal: green; pause: yellow; leakage: red).

2.On the surface of sample, temperature sensor measurement device is added to monitor the temperature of the surface of tested part. When it is in line with the switching condition of medium, switching between flowing in or out of impact medium may be switched automatically or manually.

3.During the test process, when the tested parts leaks, the system identifies automatically and stops to alarm.

4.With the function of printing report and failure alarm, the equipment may perform data connection with management platform of laboratory to achieve process control.

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