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Burst Test Stand (GHB-1)
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Burst Test Stand (GHB-1)

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Model No:GTS-GHB-1


I. Summary

Burst test stand is mainly used for proof pressure, air leak testing and burst testing of products including radiator, condenser, evaporator, intermediate cooler, core and fan heater, oil cooler, heater, pressure meters, fire equipment, metal joints, valves, hose assembly, pipeline, pipe, pressure containers and pressure transmitter. Parameters such as test pressure, pressurization rate and temperature can be set during the test procedure. The machine may complete automatically after setting.

II. Technical parameters 
1. Test pressure: 0~500MPa (select the range according to requirement) 

2. Medium: water, water- glycol and hydraulic oil; 

3. Pressurization rate: 0~300MPa/min; adjusted at will (the time unit may be transformed into S).  

4. Environment temperature: -60℃~180℃

5. Media temperature: RT~180℃

6. Piece number of single test: 1 piece

7. Diameter of tested sample: Φ3mm-Φ150mm; 

8. Length of tested sample: 100mm-1000mm; 

III. Function and scope of application
1. Burst Test, Leakage Test , Proof Pressure Test. 

a) Stepless regulation for pressure; 

b) Safety protection of pressure relief; 

c) Maximum test pressure: 500 MPa

2. Typical testing procedures:  

a)pressurization with constant speed-burst 

b)Pressurization with constant speed-pressure maintaining-burst; 

c)Pressurization with constant speed-pressure maintaining- pressure relief 

d)Pressurization with constant speed-pressure maintaining-pressurization with constant speed-pressure maintaining-until burst  

3. Leakage alarm and shutdown occurs during the test process; 

4. Achieve the function of computer control; the time for water injection for air discharge, pressure maintaining time and test pressure may be set freely. Single section of pressure maintaining test may be set at will during the test process. Burst may be performed directly after maintaining pressure and measuring the leakage. The pressurization rate can maintain constant to achieve stepless regulation; the pressurization rate may be set. The test data and curve parameter may be displayed in a real-time manner, save the test result automatically and print test report at will. The equipped color printer (A4 paper) may be compatible with OFFICE software to access the internet and make programming for test report.

5. The test pressure and pressure maintaining time may be set at will. The pressure maintains at the set value when maintaining it. It may stop if leakage or burst occurs.

6. At the time of emergency shutdown, pressure of the test sample and inside the equipment may be discharged manually. 

7. The tested sample will be installed in the burst box for burst. The burst box is installed with safety observation window and lighting lamp through which the change and burst condition of tested sample could be observed conveniently. The burst chamber and observation window are able to ensure the safety of testers and equipment.

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