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Thermal Shock Test Stand (TS-1)
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Thermal Shock Test Stand (TS-1)

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Model No: GTS-TS-1

I. Summary:
The test stand is manufactured by reference to standard of QC/T828-2010 Automobile Air-to Air Charge Air Cooler Technical Specification and standard of GB/T10408 and meets the requirement of alternating test of thermal impact for intermediate cooler.
II. Main Functions and Characteristics:

1. Test Medium: Compressed Air;

2. Simultaneous Test: 2~4 pieces;

3. High Temperature Scope of Medium: 90~300℃;

4. Low Temperature Scope of Medium: 10℃~80℃;

5. Environment Temperature: -40~150 ℃ (Optional) ;

6. Test pressure and Impact Pressure: 1~3Bar (Set or adjusted at will); Precision ±2%F.S;

7. Medium Flowrate: set between 300 and 3000Kg/h at will;

8. Size of Intermediate Cooler: Maximum 1200*1200*800mm (L*H*W)

9. Impact Frequency: 1~30 Cycle/h; Automatic Control, Adjustable, Change with the volume size inside the tested parts and the impact temperature;

10. PC Computer system is used for data acquisition, process control and data processing;

11. The interface displays test data dynamically and draws the real-time time-temperature wave;

12. The computer saves test data automatically and generates test and prints it.



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