Welcome to Tianjin Getes Testing Equipment Technology Development Co., Ltd.    

 GTS is the leading manufacturer of industrial testing equipment in China.  

Our mission is to make the testing job done easily and accurately.


GTS is a technology company that builds economic and 

reliable testing equipment. Business of different industries

from Automobile, aerospace to Mining or heavy transportation—use our equipment to finish your testing job.  

1. Prepare Initial technical scheme to meet your test requirements.
2. Negotiate and confirm technical scheme with our professional team and you
3. Make the design for the testing equipment


1. Run and train to use the testing equipment at site in your country.
2. Technical support for the repair and maintenance for the whole life
3. Free software updating for the whole life
4. Long-term warranty


1. New advanced software for bust test and impulse test equipment.


2. Testing equipment with two testing systems to have the testing easily

Invitation for ACREX India 2020
ACREX India 2020, Impulse Test Stand, Burst Test Stand, Thermal Shock Test Stand, Air Leak Test Stand
New Equipment Delivery to Customer
Invitation for Automotive Testing Expo India 2020
Automotive Testing Expo India 2020, Impulse Test Stand, Burst Test Stand, Thermal Shock Test Stand, Air Leak Test Stand
Automotive Testing Expo 2019
GTS  Testing attent the Automotive Testing Expo North Amercia 2019.

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Top Products

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